Footcandy Shoes, now in its ninth year of operation, is comprised of three retail locations in California and growing, Footcandy is headquartered in Saint Helena, California (located in Napa Valley) with sister stores in Sonoma and Walnut Creek. Footcandy Shoes maintains a competitive online presence with its very successful e-commerce store, , with growing customer retention in the U.S. and internationally.

The Footcandy Shoes stores are indicative of any woman's dream closet, elegant, decorated in soft beiges and gold metallic conveying a mood reminiscent of a chic Persian boutique. Shoes are displayed as works of art in individually lit, 24 carat gold leaf painted cubbies. With attention to customer appreciation, in-store shoppers enjoy 10% off every Tuesday at each of its retail locations (full price merchandise only).Footcandy Shoes also encompasses its very own signature line as well. The signature line was conceived in 2010 as a tribute to timeless designs that have enjoyed success at Footcandy; created in response to a consumer demand for beautiful craftsmanship and high-quality shoes at accessible price points. It began with two classic styles, the "Candy" and "Lover".The Footcandy Shoes signature lines are crafted from Italian leather, using Italian machines and technology. The Footcandy line is continuing to enjoy great success and is currently collaborating with well-known designers to create new and alluring styles. The signature Footcandy Shoes line presently ranges from $150-$300; the line's expansion will include mid-to-high end signature products.

Founded in 2002 by Perry Butler and wife, Carolyn Butler, the stores are a testament to Carolyn's passion for shoes, owning well over 500 pairs of designer shoes herself. Carolyn personally scours the market for new and trend inspiring styles. Footcandy Shoes is one of the few independent retailers worldwide to carry the top three shoe designers: Christian Louboutin Replica, Manolo Blahnik, and Jimmy Choo, respectively. Both Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin graciously designed world-exclusive styles supporting Footcandy's charity affiliation, Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF)."I am the consumer, I sell to myself", says Carolyn on how she deciphers up and coming trends.